Denver Police Scanner

It can dangerous to be in some areas at any time of day or night. Denver is no exception with the way crime rates are increasing. The best way to know what’s happening around your city or neighborhood is to listen to a Denver police scanner online. Learn how to listen to police scanners for free on the internet.

Step By Step Guide

  • Look for a website. There are numerous websites which have live streaming of frequencies that the police use. For now, don’t go to sites that require buying something or downloading an application before you can use the live stream service.
  • Choose your location. A menu of available police frequencies for your selected location will be displayed on your chosen site’s screen. Click on Denver if you’re in Colorado; you can click on the “pause” button if you want the audio to stop momentarily. Most Denver police scanner onlinestreams are real time.
  • Make a list. As mentioned, there is a plethora of sites for police scanner live streams and you would want to choose several which meet your specific needs. Try,,, and for starters.
  • Download the apps. If you also want to stream police scanner feeds live on your smartphone or tablet, there are several software applications you can download free of charge to enable live streaming. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite for iPhones is available from iTunes while Police Scanner Free is available for Android phones.
  • Learn the codes. Police scanners use a different “language” altogether so it helps if you’re familiar with the lingo like 10-4 for “message received and understood.” It’s bound to be easier for you to participate in the whole “do good for the community” bit thing if you have a good grasp of Denver police scanner codes to understand how police operations are handled through code communication.
  • Avoid doing anything illegal. When using a police scanner you have to ensure you prevent potential lawsuits against you which may come up if you use this tool for illegal purposes. One man was sent to prison because he tried to burglarize a home and used a police scanner to help him escape. He was booked for burglary as well as for using the scanner to aid him in his criminal activity.

Being able to use a Denver police scanner online free of charge definitely has its share of benefits. You simply need to log on to your PC or phone and listen to police updates and communication. Doing so gives you a good idea of what is happening around you and also gives you the platform to offer your own assistance if any criminal event is happening in your area. When you have information, you can keep the police informed. Just make sure you don’t actually confront the perpetrator or you could really put yourself in danger.