Seattle Police Scanner Live Stream Free

One way of helping your community is by featuring a police scanner Seattle audio stream. This can be very informative, and it can help Seattle residents know if there’s a problem (such as a crime or a fire) in their area. They can help by looking out for the perpetrators and also by offering assistance to injured people.

After all, being part of the Seattle community is not just about rooting for the Seahawks and the Mariners. Often the best kind of unity is by joining together in response to emergency situations. The Seattle online police scanner offers just the kind of information you need in order to keep others informed, especially those who are willing to help out.

It’s also not illegal to listen or to broadcast conversations overheard over the police scanner. What’s illegal is when you try to listen in on cellphone or landline conversations. In Seattle, it’s perfectly legal to listen to police, EMS, and fire-fighting broadcasts so as long as you don’t use it for unlawful purposes.

Embedding Audio Streams

So what will you need for your website if you want to stream live Seattle police scanner broadcasts and chatters? Essentially, you will be embedding a host audio stream onto your website. This is similar to how some websites offer videos on their sites while the videos are actually hosted in YouTube.

This can get a bit technical, but essentially you just need to install an audio stream player and a link to the audio stream you want to feature on your website. Some websites offer precise instructions and special software to help you embed a particular audio stream into your website.

Finding Live Seattle Police Scanner Audio Streams

Now the key is to find those audio streams, but surprisingly it’s not all that difficult to find online. Here are some tips:

  • You can check out websites such as Broadcastify and Radio Reference. These websites offer live audio streams from police scanners all over the world. Just enter their website and find the one for Seattle.

With Broadcastify, for example, you can find a live audio feed from Seattle police and emergency services at

  • You can also take a look at various Seattle news services. They too may offer various audio streams from the police and fire departments, like the one found on Some websites offer audio streams specific to a particular area in Seattle.

Additional Info

When you stream live chatter from police scanners, it may help your listeners if you try to offer additional resources to help them understand what’s going on. For example, you can offer a jargon and terminology page so that you can explain what the various codes mean when they’re uttered in the audio stream. You can also offer transcripts as well. The point is to help your listeners understand, so that they can get the info they need which will enable them to offer help more effectively.