Columbus Police Scanner Radio Frequencies

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There was a time when listening to a Columbus Ohio police scanner was difficult and restrictive. Your only option was a bulky scanner with limited features, but now that’s no longer the case. There are many scanners available ranging from portable handheld devices to online scanners, but you have to know what each one can do to make the most of your listening experience.

Listening to Online Police Scanners

The simplest way to tune in to a Columbus police radio is to go online to one of those websites that offer this service. One example is

There are plenty of options available on the Internet. Some websites focus specifically in the Columbus area, but others offer a wider range of options so you can listen to feeds from other locations as well.

To listen to an online scanner radio in Columbus, you just go to the website and select the appropriate location. Once you’ve made the selection you’ll be able to tune in, so in reality it’s not really that different from tuning in to an Internet radio station.

Aside from the police frequency in Columbus, other websites allow you to tune in to other emergency frequencies like airlines and hospitals. In addition, most websites have top feeds and new feeds links so you’ll know where to look.

Handheld and Home Scanners

Aside from the Web, you can also tune in to Columbus police frequencies using handheld scanners. Different models are available, but the good ones have hundreds or thousands of channels so you can tune in to many other frequencies. Unlike in the past, today’s scanners are run by powerful microprocessors and can pick up not just police but also ambulance units, racing team radios, fire and traffic control among others.

Home or desktop scanners are larger versions of these devices. You can use both devices to listen in to Columbus police dispatches, but the difference is that some of these larger units have special features that the handheld ones don’t have.  However, the handheld scanners have the benefit of being portable so you can take it with you.

What is the Best Scanner for You?

The choice is really up to you. Some prefer to listen online since they can look for information about Columbus police codes while listening, while others like handheld scanners since they can take the device along with them. Regardless of which one you prefer, the good news is that there are plenty of options available for each type.

If you just want to tune in to Columbus scanner frequencies, you might consider downloading a Columbus police scanner app to your smartphone or tablet. Unlike web-based scanners, these apps are focused solely on the area you’re interested in so you don’t have to deal with extraneous content. Furthermore, many of these apps are free so you really don’t have anything to lose by trying them out.