San Bernardino Police Scanner: Stream Live For Free

Regardless of where you reside in the US, you do not really have to be an 80’s superhero to benefit from listening to a police scanner. Believe it or not, a San Bernardino county police scanner is the best friend of every journalist and crime investigator in the area.

San Bernardino Police Scanner Live

With recent developments in technology, you would be hard pressed in finding someone who still uses a walkie-talkie like artifact at hand, when scanners have already graduated to adapt to modern innovations. In short, anyone who has access to the internet could now have their very own San Bernardino police radio scanner, and you can even use these sites to listen to police chatter anywhere in the country. And here’s the best part: the service is free.

How to Access Police Scanners Online

Various programs online have made tuning in easier nowadays, with sites such as Broadcastify, Streema or Tunein, among others, offering localized services where even San Bernardino county is included. In addition, they also tend to classify the channels nowadays and make it easier for listeners to find what they want by categorizing them accordingly so whether you would like to get police transmissions alone, or listen to EMS and fire department chatter, you could also do so.

If you are trying Broadcastify for the first time, the first step is to sign up for a free account.

You could also just opt to use the service as a guest user.

  • First go to
  • On their main page, hover your cursor on “Listen”.
  • Click on “Browse Feeds” from the dropdown menu.
  • Filter live streams by state, or by entering the name of the county or city.
  • Type “San Bernardino” and hit “Search”.
  • Click on the county name “San Bernardino in the list of search results.
  • The next page that would appear containing options you can click.
  • Select the frequency you want to listen to and click Listen.

The police scanner in San Bernardino county has had its heydays years ago, becoming popular among reporters, off duty emergency service personnel, and even criminals.  Criminals also use radio scanners to accomplish their shady tasks. Just last month, for instance, a robbery in San Bernardino was said to have been done with the help of a woman accused of using a police scanner to alert the robbers and telling them how to avoid the police patrolling the area, through information she derived from the scanner. Nowadays, everyone could have easy access to such device, what with cross platform compatibility and easier access to internet connection. However, while it is legal to use this tool to keep abreast of what’s going on your neighborhood, you could really get in trouble with the law if you use it for criminal activities.