How to Listen to Live Internet Police Scanner


There was a time when you had to be an expert to use an Internet police scanner as they required some degree of technical knowledge. However, that’s no longer the case since Internet police scanner feeds are now automated. But what about those who don’t have any experience even with a traditional handheld scanner?

How to Listen to a Scanner Online

If you want to listen to an Internet police scanner radio, go online and look up “Internet police scanner” or a similar phrase. There are literally thousands of these sites so you should be able to find a good one within minutes, such as

  1. After the website loads you’ll be presented with a map of the US where Internet police scanners are available, or perhaps a menu.
  2. Choose which state you want to listen in and then pick a county, city or location. Once you’ve made your choice, click “search” and the site will come up with the feeds that are available based on the criteria you set.
  3. Now you just have to press Play and listen to the feed. That’s basically how it works for every website, although there are a few variations here and there. It’s the same thing with mobile scanner apps although they usually have some extra features like built-in police codes so you can understand what they’re talking about.

Benefits of Police Scanners

An Internet radio scanner is a great tool to have around for several reasons. For one, it’s very convenient to use, and with it you can stay up to date on all the latest news, incidents and situations in your area. While scanner conversations can be exciting, they’re also very informative so if there’s a traffic accident or a fire near you, you will know.

The other good thing about these devices is they’re capable of picking up a lot of other frequencies. If you download one of those mobile programs you’ll see that they can get signals from other agencies such as air traffic control, the National Weather Service and even Space Shuttle communications.

If you know how to listen to these radio scanners you’ll have an easier time keeping yourself up to date in case there is a storm, flood, or a hurricane. It’s also a fact that having an Internet scanner radio is one of the most effective ways to keep an eye on the crime situation in your neighborhood.

The best part is that Internet scanners are widely available and you can find out a lot about them online.  Even if you decide not to use any apps or buy a handheld scanner, the services provided by online sites are often more than enough to satisfy your need for getting information on events as they happen.