Grand Rapids Police Scanner Live Stream

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Do you find yourself wondering why a helicopter was hovering in your neighborhood this morning? If you live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and you don’t want to be left behind on the latest developments in your city particularly when it comes to peace and security, you should tune in to a Grand Rapids police scanner. You can listen to a police scanner online and learn what the police in your community is doing.


Tuning in to a police scanner that streams the communications made by officers of the Grand Rapids police department will keep you abreast of the developments affecting peace and security in the city. You can hear about reports of a local crime, a traffic accident or fire by listening to radio broadcasts. Such information will guide you in keeping out of harm’s way.

The same goes for being updated of a fire in Kent County. Getting information from a Kent County police scanner, you can inform your friends in the area about the incident. Or you can avoid going to the affected area and find an alternate route instead.


One of the main issues that you may have about a Kent County police scanner is the legality of using the tool. You should not be worried about this at all because it is legal to use this application. For years, journalists and casual eavesdroppers have been relying on police scanners in instantaneously getting first-hand information from the police.

Police in Michigan and other states also know when to encrypt their radio communications so as to avoid compromising their operations. There are times when an online police scanner goes offline, with the police encrypting their lines so that they can capture a killer, or a burglar, for instance.

Scan Michigan

One of the websites you can rely upon for live police broadcasts is Scan Michigan, the home of the original live police scanner for Grand Rapids, Michigan and the nearby Kent County area. The website provides live communication between officers of the Grand Rapids Police and Grand Rapids Fire. It also has dispatch from departments like the Kent County Fire, Kent County Sheriff and Walker Police, amongst others.

Unlike other online police scanners, Scan Michigan does not require downloading and installation on a computer or mobile device. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to
  • Click on Live Scanner and the browser will be re-directed to a live UStream feed which will broadcast the chatter between the field officers and dispatchers in real time.
  • Click on the feed button and listen.

There are also functions like social stream and chat which you can use to talk with others who are monitoring the feeds. Through these features, you can share your thoughts with others.

Visit Scan Michigan every now and then to keep track of the goings-on in Grand Rapids, Kent County and nearby areas.