Tucson Police Scanner Live

Having a police scanner is a good thing, as it allows you to listen in to TPD live calls, not just from the police but also from emergency responders. But before you can tune in to a police channel, you need to figure how to stream the feed.

How to Set Up Live Feed Streaming on Scanners

The way this is done depends on what type of scanner you are using. There are basically two types of scanners available, web-based and traditional handheld or desktop scanners. There are of course many variants among those two, but the process is essentially the same.

How to Stream Scanner Feeds Online

To get a live stream on your police scanner for Tucson, go online and find a site that offers a live scan feed in the area. Depending on the site, once you go there either the feed will run automatically once or there will be links to all the available feeds for Tucson. When you find the link you want just click it to receive the transmission.

That’s also how it works for some scanner apps. However in some cases they’ll run automatically and pick up all the available frequencies.

Handheld and Desktop Scanners

You can also get these feeds on a handheld or desktop scanner, and while they have different features, they’re fairly easy to work with. These scanners have a manual mode where you can enter a particular channel, or a scan mode where it goes through every active channel.

If you want to look for a specific frequency like that of the Tucson police department you can use the device’s search function. Remember that public agencies are usually in the 800 MHz range, something that all digital scanners recognize.

What to Look for in a Live Stream Site

If you’re going to get your Tucson feed from the Web, make sure that the site gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing Tucson police divisions and EMS dispatches. Second, the site ought to have police codes you can use as reference. If you’re new to radio scanners and the only code you know is 10-4, then you’ll definitely need a code list.

Fortunately, Tucson police codes are similar to the ones used in other states so if you’re familiar with them, figuring out the jargon will be easy. Aside from the codes, the website should have an option for adding feeds so you can customize your listening experience.

Third, the scanner site must be comprehensive and updated. You may be interested only in Tucson police feeds for now, but there’s no telling about what you’ll need in the future so there should be new feeds constantly available. The more feeds that are added to the site, the more updated you’ll be about what’s happening in Tucson and anywhere else in the country.