Dubuque Police Scanner Online

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One of the questions that new owners of police scanners ask is, “where can I get a Dubuque scanner?” There are many resources available online, and in fact you can tune in to these police frequencies on your mobile device or desktop computer. You can also buy a scanner that’s designed for this purpose.

How to Listen Live Online Radio Scanners in Dubuque

An online radio scanner is exactly that, a device which lets you tune in to police frequencies including Dubuque in Iowa. Depending on the site you go to, you can either listen to a live feed or tune in to archived content, but either way, streaming is easy.

  • In other websites you have to specify the location first. So for instance if you end up at a large radio communications site that covers several cities, just specify the location in the search box so you can tune in. Some online scanners allow you to listen to fire, emergency and other frequencies so you just need to select the option you want.

Mobile Police Scanner Apps

If you’re frequently on the go you might want to consider downloading a Dubuque police scanner app on iTunes as they’re very convenient to use. While handheld scanners have a lot of benefits, so do these apps as their interface is streamlined, much more so than their desktop counterparts. Once you’ve installed the app, it will either start playing after launch or offer a menu so you can browse through all the options available for Dubuque, Iowa or the entire country.

Aside from the feeds from the Dubuque Iowa police department, these apps allow you to listen in to dispatches from police and emergency frequencies throughout the United States. If that’s not enough, these apps also allow you to add your own feed or look for feeds on the Web.

Today’s police scanner apps offer users several options so you’ll have an easier time listening in. For instance, the menu usually contains a list of frequently used police codes so you’ll have an easier time understanding the conversations. If you’ve been using scanners for a long time you know that cops and emergency responders use a particular set of codes and jargon to communicate, so newbies will find this handy.

While these apps offer a lot of benefits, some still prefer to use a police scanner website such as radio reference on their desktop as it has a lot of features and most of them are free. Still others prefer using handheld devices since that is what they have gotten accustomed to over the years. To help you make the right decision, you have to take a look at the features that the site or device is offering and determine which among them you absolutely need.