Wichita Police Scanner: Listen to Live Police Radio Online

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If you are interested in listening to a police feed scan in Wichita, you’ll need a scanner to do it. A police scanner is a communications receiver used for picking up these transmissions, and yes you can listen to such feeds online as well. In fact there are some websites dedicated to Wichita police feeds alone.

How to Listen to a Scanner Police Feed in Wichita

The process is very simple:

While there are a lot of general online scanner sites available, you’re better off starting with a site dedicated solely to Wichita feeds as they are less confusing. These websites have links to streams not just to police feeds but also for Wichita County Fire, EMS and other services.

To listen you just click the link you are interested in and the player will load or download the appropriate plugin. If you downloaded a mobile app to listen to Wichita police feeds, just install it and follow the instructions so you can tune in.

Handheld Police Scanners

If you’d rather listen to Wichita police feeds with a handheld scanner, make sure you get a scanner frequency list that includes the agencies you want to listen to. You can easily do this on the web by searching for “scanner frequencies Wichita”. Next, look for an affordable scanner radio.

If you’re going to limit yourself to frequencies in your area, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on the device. However, don’t settle for the cheapest one you can find and instead look for a scanner that has features you are looking for.

Using Handheld Scanners

Once you have your radio scanner, just set it to scan mode so it will look for all available frequencies. Or if you have the Wichita frequencies list, you can set the frequencies yourself. If you’re using a computer based scanner you may be required to install software that comes with the unit you bought.

If you’re shopping for scanners and you come across products called “base scanners”, they’re just large scanners and typically kept in the home. Unlike a handheld scanner, you cannot carry these with you as they’re too bulky but while they’re large and expensive, they usually have some really impressive features.

There’s one more thing you need to know before you use a scanner. While many products offer a police scanner live feed, some websites give you access to much more including transmission from airlines, the military, race car radios and others. While some websites are limited to only frequencies in the Wichita area, others give you access to feeds all over the United States.