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There’s no shortage of New York police scanner websites, but where do you stream and how do you get started? New York is a big city, so how do you get a scanner to work and find the feeds that you’re looking for? Actually the process isn’t that difficult to do.

Your Radio Scanner Options

If you want to listen to a live police feed from the NYPD you can do so on your desktop or laptop computer, a mobile device or a scanner radio. Any of these devices are capable of streaming the content, the quality totally dependent on your Internet connection. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection, you’ll be able to listen to the chatter.

Online Scanners

It’s hardly surprising that there are several websites offering access to live feeds coming from New York and that makes it easy for anyone to retrieve these feeds. By using the Internet you can tune in to these transmissions as if you had a handheld police scanner in New York.

Figuring out how to use these devices is very easy, since you just need to go to the site and choose from the various options given. Usually though, websites make it easy for you since there’s a list of the available feeds. Depending on the site, you’ll probably see a link to an NY county dispatch, the NY Highway Patrol and many more.

Once you find a link you are interested in, click the web player option or select another application and just wait for the feed. Aside from the live streaming, some websites offer links to their archives as well. Bear in mind again that the quality of the connection depends entirely on your Internet connection, so fast Internet access is recommended.

Mobile Scanner Apps

If you’d rather stream the feed on your smartphone or tablet, you may do so by downloading an NY police scanner app. Now there are many apps available, some free and some requiring payment, so you need to check each one to make sure that it’s right for you. And because they’re free you can try as many as you like until you find one that works.

Handheld Scanners

These are very popular among a lot of scanner enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why. Aside from being portable, they’re not vulnerable to power outages. In addition, you can power them up on car sockets and other electrical outlets so they don’t use up a lot of battery power.

You can also stream live feeds using a desktop NYPD radio scanner. Although you cannot carry them around like a handheld device, they have a lot of useful features and in many cases offer better range and reception compared to a portable scanner. Because of this, they’re more ideal for use at home.