San Jose CA Police Scanner Online: Stream Live Calls Online

If you live in the San Jose area, you might be aware that live police calls in San Jose have undergone some serious evolution in terms of accessibility as well as relevant services from related agencies of the government. Nowadays, the platform has been continuously expanding to include both non-government innovations as well as government backed initiatives, much to the benefit of every taxpayer.

 San Jose Police Department Live Calls

You have many options when it comes to this service. For one, you could always rely on the proper government channels which provide legal access through appropriate channels, many of which have since been migrated online thanks to new technological innovations. Anyone living in the area would know how listening to a San Jose live police scanner CA at night could be so thrilling given all the action unfolding in the neighborhood.

In September 2007, the San Jose Police Department (SJPD) launched its Calls for Service available to the public, making all 911 calls accessible in real time, and was considered to be a milestone in the United States. The said service was made available thanks to their partnership with Crime While the department has been under scrutiny lately for being understaffed in terms of new recruits, you could rest assured that any plea for help would be heard, thanks to this rather sophisticated system.

Your Very Own San Jose Police Scanner

But you don’t have to rely on these websites to be able to listen in to radio communications. There are service providers such as Broadcastify and Tunein which have been giving people access to free online streaming of live police calls. The benefit you get in subscribing to such service is that you pay nothing, and yet you could use it whenever and wherever as long as your internet connection permits. You could even download related apps nowadays which gives you access to such service through your smartphone, which has proven to be quite convenient for many.

How to Access Them Online

There is no issue on which website to choose because both of them have wide coverage anyway and cover San Jose. In addition, both platforms have smartphone compatibility, allowing you to download a related app on Google Play if you are using an Android phone. Access to the scanner itself is as simple as going to the homepage of either one and locating the search bar.

  • For Broadcastify, just go to and click on Browse Feeds under the Listen tab.
  • Key in the name of the county and state, in this case, San Jose California.
  • Then simply choose the frequency you want to listen to in the list.

You can also speed up the process if you use Tunein ( Simply type  San Jose Police in the search bar. Tunein is more reliable in this regard as it would immediately show you a list of different divisions for the police department of San Jose.