Minneapolis Police Scanner: Stream Live Police Radio Calls

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Emergencies can happen anytime of the day. For many residents in Minneapolis, the best way of getting information on crises is through a Minneapolis police scanner online. With this web-based tool, anyone from any part of the globe can monitor the events as they happen.


For most concerned citizens, listening to police chatter is more than a mere case of eavesdropping. By listening to a Minneapolis police scanner online, an ordinary citizen can be appraised of whatever is happening out there in the field. Emergencies like fire, burglary, car chases, and traffic accidents can cause harm on any local, and this explains why many residents want to learn about mishaps right away.

Getting information about what’s going on in their neighborhood is important. Aside from sparing themselves from harm, residents can also warn their family members and friends to stay out of harm’s way. Although police officers are ready and committed to ensuring the safety of the general public, civilians who are updated of local developments can assist in information dissemination.


Before the Internet became a household name, journalists and eavesdroppers were able to listen to calls of police officers, firefighters and emergency services personnel through handheld radio scanners. But with the rise of Internet-based applications, it is now possible to find Minneapolis scanner frequencies online without the use of these devices.

There are a handful of websites that one can visit to find online streaming of police calls in Minnesota. One of these is Broadcastify. To listen to live audio feeds from the Minnesota-St. Paul area, simply click on this link http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/mid/46/?rl=rr.

The feeds are listed on the page, with a short description aside from details like genre, number of listeners currently tuned in, player selection, and status. To listen to a feed, simply choose “Web Player” and click on the play icon. A new window opens, where one can adjust the volume, learn more about feed details, access archives and report a problem.  It is also possible to share the feed with friends and colleagues by liking it on Facebook and tweeting about it.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner

It is now also possible to hear police officers updating each other about a traffic accident in Minneapolis as long as an individual has a smartphone that can connect to the Internet. One app that you can use if you have a smartphone is the 5-0 Radio Police scanner. It is incredibly easy to use this application.

After launching it, you need to choose from a list of supported countries. Since you want to listen to Minnesota live feeds, select United States from the selection. Then choose Minneapolis, and then Minnesota to find the feed that interests you the most.

There is also a police code guide that users can refer to so they can better understand what the police officers are discussing. The app is free, with the premium version requiring a minimal fee of $2. However, your phone needs to have Internet connection in order for the app to work.