San Diego Police Scanner

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Streaming a police scanner in San Diego so you can monitor what’s going on can be very helpful for a wide variety of reasons. Basically, it can help you determine where the trouble is happening so you can avoid it. Journalists, on the other hand, can go to the crime scene so they can write a news report about it.

But crimes aren’t really all that prevalent in San Diego. In fact, it’s pretty much among the safest large cities in the US. The crime rate in San Diego actually puts it in the top three safest large cities in the US, next only to Honolulu and San Jose.

But the records can also be somewhat confusing. While there are fewer murders and rapes per 1,000 residents in San Diego compared to the US average, the robbery and assault rates per 1,000 residents are actually higher than the national average.

How to Stream a San Diego Police Scanner Live

Actually, the best way to do this is to use Radio Reference. Even Broadcastify’s members use it to broadcast on the website. However, you may want to tailor your San Diego police dispatch broadcast by limiting it to certain areas. Broadcastify doesn’t like duplicate broadcasts, so you should check first and see what SDPD scanner broadcasts are already available.

In general, you’ll need a San Diego police radio scanner, a computer with a sound card, and a reliable broadband Internet connection. You can then apply to Radio reference or Broadcastify, and when your application is accepted you’ll be given the software you need to complete the task.

Once you are broadcasting on Radio Reference or Broadcastify, you can then also embed the results on your own website.

Benefits of Streaming Live Police Scanner Chatter

Streaming live police scanner broadcasts can be very helpful, especially if you can provide this service for your mobile visitors. While the entertainment value of listening to live police chatter cannot be underestimated—this is really reality entertainment—it’s use as a way to avoid trouble can actually be very helpful for everyone involved.

Listeners can avoid getting shot if there’s a shootout going on in a certain area. Police officers can also feel better knowing that there are fewer civilians around who may either end up getting hurt or may even contaminate evidence. Journalists can also profit a lot from police chatter, as these conversations can offer crucial information that will be needed for the crime reports.

In any case, the crime in San Diego is rarely violent. In the entire county, about 90% of the crime is property related. The majority of crimes were even no-force entries. So while listeners can be informed, make sure you tell them that they should also take basic precautions such as locking their doors.