Stream Live Genesee County Police Scanner

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Downloading a police scanner application such as Police Scanner 5-0 or Scanner Radio can transform your phone into an unofficial police radio. But while it may be downright illegal in one state to download a police scanner app, it may also be perfectly legal to do so in another state. In states such as New Jersey, West Virginia, California, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Vermont, police scanner apps in mobile phones are legal, but if used in committing a crime, it becomes illegal to own them. That goes for the Genesee County Police Department in Michigan as well.

And while other states have no laws about police scanner app use, Indiana, New York, Minnesota, Florida, and Kentucky have made it illegal for police scanner apps to be used without securing a license issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or an approval from local law enforcement.

How Do You Transform Your PC/laptop into a Police Scanner?

The Flint police scanner live feeds have, undoubtedly, helped law enforcement in Genesee County significantly. For as long as you don’t use your smartphones to commit a crime or aid a fugitive from the law, using Genesee County scanner apps is not a crime in itself.  There are still more users who would report a crime on live police scanner feed than aid the individual doing it.

So how do you transform your PC/laptop into a police scanner? Here are the steps:

1. Open a web browser. Go to the website’s home page and click on the button which says “live audio” on the screen’s top left side. From an interactive map on the screen’s center portion, select a state and look at its divisions into different counties. Police scanner streams are active in counties which are shaded blue. Double click on your choice of country.

2. Choose your format in which your police scanner feeds will be broadcast and open the menu under “player selection” located on the screen’s right side. Here you will find several formats like Windows Media Player and iTunes. Your browser will play audio through its internal customized player.

3. Double click on the speaker button listed under the column “listen” to connect you directly to the radio transmissions of the police department you have selected. That’s it. Now your PC/laptop has the functionality like those which police scanners live feeds have. Remember to disable all installed pop-up blockers before you start streaming since they could block this.

You don’t have to sign up with to use any or all of its services because it’s a free website. also provides links to transmissions other than that of police scanners such as the Genesee County police scanner in Michigan. Fire departments, EMS, and maritime and rail transport also benefit from RadioReference assistance.