Fort Worth Police Scanner

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If you live in Texas and looking for a good Fort Worth police scanner which allows you to listen to live police calls in Fort Worth, then you do not have to look far because the internet has made it easier for you, and you have a variety of options to boot!

Some Free Online Hacks

Government agencies no longer have the monopoly of information nowadays, and the same could be said for live police calls in Fort Worth TX. With the variety of online platforms surfacing nowadays, you only have to choose one which allows you smooth access to live call monitoring.

Some examples worth noting include Streema and Tunein, which both allow you to zero in on a local frequency you want, in this case, Fort Worth. Then added bonus here is how these programs have multiplatform compatibility, which enables them to run on smartphones as well, making wonders as far as portability is concerned.

If you want to use Streema, here are the steps:

  • Go to and click on Radio on the upper left portion of the page.
  • Filter the search results by clicking on United States at the left side of the page
  • Key in Texas on the following one.
  • Click on Fort Worth when the list of counties and cities appear.
  • Key in Fort Worth Police Scanner on the search box.
  • The third search result would be for the Fort Worth Police Department.
  • If the transmission is not working, there is a link redirecting you to the website of the police department itself.

Fort Worth Police Department Live Calls

Of course, you could always rely on the police department to provide some useful services for you. In Forth Worth, they have their own dedicated channels for such live calls, some of which are open to the public, although many remain to be restricted due to safety and privacy concerns. All of these efforts are for the sake of effective crime reporting and crime prevention, encouraging citizens to be more vigilant in guarding everyone’s safety.

The Fort Worth Fire Department also has its own services to offer, although it is obvious that such service would focus more on fire prevention and emergency services. Other useful services online would include code violation reports, health inspection reports, as well as development permits.

Online and SMS Alerts

As far as police scanners are concerned, the website of the Fort Worth Police Department has actually allowed for an easier alternative to listening, which is registering and downloading an app on your smartphone which enables you to view a crime map, along with important and relevant details which could be vital to your safety and that of your family. There is even a feature in which you could receive SMS and email alerts if a crime is occurring nearby.