Detroit Police Scanner Live

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Buying a police scanning device can be expensive which is why using your smartphone might be a better alternative. Scanner Radio, available on Google Play for downloading, is an application designed for Android phones for streaming the Detroit Police Scanner as well as scanners of fire departments and emergency and medical services, among others.

How the Application Works

If you live in Michigan, the Scanner Radio app can turn your Android phone into a portable Detroit Police Department live scanner toprovide you with more than 3,000 live audio streams ranging from police departments, weather radios, ham radio operators, and fire departments.

Scanner Radio is capable of searching scanners that are within your location; it can also search manually for scanners derived from various genres, sources, and areas. After installation of the app, you can search for scanners which interest you or focus on a source website from several listed on the site.

The Unique Flexibility Feature: Alert Setting

No matter what region you are in, you can listen to traffic situations in Washington, D.C., the latest updates on a hostage incident in Los Angeles or late-breaking news about a drug bust in Miami using your scanner app.

Another unique feature of Scanner Radio is flexibility; you may add alerts for other scanners that you find with its “alert setting” capability. Once a certain limit has been reached by a listener count, your phone will alert you. Listener count generally increases when a major event is taking place.

Choose from Top Rated Scanners

You can choose from the Top Scanners from the app’s main menu if you don’t have an idea of which scanner to listen to. This list will tell you which of the scanners on display has the highest number of listeners. The player opens up in a window when you click on a scanner that you want and will continue running, in a background, even if the application is closed.

You will continue to hear incoming radio updates from your phone’s speaker when they occur, so you can follow real time events – police pursuits, robberies, and other crimes being committed – wherever you are. All you have to do is choose Web Player as your player choice and click its play icon. It’s the same procedure for other players such as Winamp, iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Listening to Fire Department Dispatches Made Easy

If you live in Michigan and listen to fire department dispatches, use your phone easily to stream detroit fire department scanner live feeds. You can find the Detroit Fire Department live audio streams on as one of several public safety web broadcasts.

Developed by Gordon Edwards, the Scanner Radio app has a feature called phone calls/read phone state which “asks permission” to detect when phone calls are being placed or received. This is to prevent the interference of the audio streaming with the calls.

Other Useful Features

There are also coarse location and find global positioning system (GPS) location features which the app uses when “near me” is clicked in determining what scanners are in your area. The app determines your location through the network but if that is not possible, the app determines your location through GPS.

Used as a Detroit police scanner app for your android phone, Scanner Radio even has features of modification or deletion of your USB’s contents and testing access to your USB. These features determine whether or not the app is capable of recording any audio you are listening to and save this to a location or storage which is accessible from your phone.