Yakima Police Scanner Live Online Free

You are living in Washington and have your own reasons as to why you want easy access to a live Yakima police scanner. The good news is you can access a Yakima scanner online and it’s totally free!

Smartphones as Police Scanners

Yes, if you are still using a digital trunking scanner from a bygone era, it is about time to toss it to the trash bin and invest in a good smartphone. All you have to do once you get your hands on it is to go to Google Play, if you are using an Android phone, and search for a good police scanner application. Many of these applications would come in either localized versions, or a bigger app which covers many counties at once, allowing you to choose which one you like.

Reporting Live from the Yakima Police Department!

Nowadays, scanners have become so sophisticated that you no longer have to manually tune in to whatever random transmission you want to get. A typical app on your smartphone would have them categorized for your convenience. All you are left to do is press one specific category and your scanner app would do the filtering for you. If you want to concentrate on broadcasts related to the fire department, you could actually do that. If you want to follow a blow by blow account of a crime in progress, then you could zero in on the police department transmission feed. All in all, you have one good live Yakima scanner in your possession.

Which App to Get

Depending on your smartphone’s configurations, there would be programs that you’d find to be more suitable for you. In any case, there are websites dedicated to streaming police scanners live. Some of the more popular ones include Tunein and Broadcastify, while Yakima itself has its own dedicated scanners meant especially for that county, which includes Yakimascan.

The best thing about all this, perhaps, is that they don’t cost anything and you can just stream whenever you like. Keep in mind, though, that the legality of radio scanners still varies greatly across the United States, with some jurisdictions deeming it illegal for its potential to be used for criminal activities.

There are two apps currently available on Google Play: TuneIn Radio and TuneIn Radio Pro. The former is free while the latter would require a minimal fee. Once you install either one on your Android smartphone, operating it would be a breeze.

Here are the steps:

  • Click on the magnifying glass on the upper right portion of the app platform.
  • Key in “Yakima Police” to filter out the numerous music stations.
  • The Yakima Police and Fire Scanner would be one of the first choices in the results page.
  • Click on that to start the transmission.