Dallas Police Scanner Online

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Listening to police scanners is more than America’s favorite pastime; it actually allows listeners to be aware of situations that are happening in real time. Applications have, in fact, been developed to tailor-fit accessibility to listen to Dallas police active calls from mobile phones, so you can keep abreast of robberies, traffic situations, break-ins, and other issues within your community.

While there are many internet sites where you can listen to a police scanner in Dallas, not all of them are free. Others will require a subscription for the service, some will ask you to register, and some will let you have a free trial for a month or so.Because the legality of listening to police scanners is different from state to state, you will have to check your own state’s regulations about scanners.

Hardware and Software Requirements for PC or Laptop

You can listen to a radio online in Dallas from a live feed which includes not only the police department but services for emergencies both for medical and fire. These live scanner feeds are compatible with various applications and devices such as iTunes, XMMS, VLC Media Player, and Winamp.

  • You need a personal computer (PC) or laptop which is multimedia-capable, meaning, with speakers, headphones, and sound cards.
  • You also need the Adobe Flash Player or any downloadable player such as Windows Media Player or VidSpot for your audio content.

If you have both hardware and software, you can gain immediate access to live radio in Dallas for audio feeds for free by searching from websites such as Radio Reference.

Steps to Listen to a Live Dallas Police Scanner

  1. First you need to find a police scanner website. Let’s use http://www.broadcastify.com/ as an example.
  1. Once you’re on the website, you can choose the audio feeds you want to listen to. If you’re interested in listening to a Dallas police scanner, then simply type “Dallas” in the “Search for feeds using US city/location” and then click on Search.
  1. You can then select from the live feeds list and simply click on the Listen button.

Listening from Mobile Phones and Tablets

  • An iPhone or iPad: If you own either, you will have to down an application from the iTunes store and install it in either device. This app enables you to tap into a huge collection of live radios not only of a police scanner in Dallas but those of emergency units, firefighters, railroad stations, marine harbors, and ham radio operators.
  • Tablets and android phones: You will have to download a radio scanner application from Google’s Play Store and install this app in your tablet or android phone. This is a free app and an international one at that because it gives you access to radio and police scanners from other countries like Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, Austria, Chile and Japan, with the regular addition of more scanners.

Listening with Responsibility

Listening to police scanners is not all entertainment or fun, though. While listening to Dallas police scanner online reports on roadblocks, traffic situations, fires, accidents, and emergencies may keep you well-informed about safety issues, you must also be aware of the responsibilities that go with listening to police scanners. Remember, discretion is necessary when listening to a Dallas police scanner.