Pittsburgh Police Scanner: How To Stream Live Calls

Listening to police scanners has been a favorite pastime of Americans for many years now. With the emergence of the Internet, the popularity of this device has not wavered. In fact, its use has only become more widespread with radio geeks, journalists and curious eavesdroppers listening to police scanners online.

If you happen to be from Pittsburgh, then you might be interested in a Pittsburgh police scanner. Listening to conversations among police officers and firemen has its benefits, especially during emergency situations. You can spare your family and loved ones from disaster if you can learn about a crisis faster than the local news broadcast.

You don’t need to buy a handheld radio scanner to be able to listen to Pittsburgh police radio conversations.  You just need to have a computer or mobile device with Wi-Fi connection in order to visit websites that stream live Pittsburgh police calls.


Considered as one of the premier radio audio live streams in the world, Broadcastify has more than 3,000 live audio streams. It covers live streams involving police, aircraft, rail and marine departments. An online user like yourself will need to sign up first and log in before you can get access to Pittsburgh scanner frequencies.

Finding Pittsburgh calls through the website is pretty simple. Click on the “Listen” link and search for Pittsburgh by manually encoding the name, or typing in the zip code. Or you can also manually look for Pittsburgh by selecting Pennsylvania, first and looking for Pittsburgh in the list of results.

There are more than 20 feeds from the Pittsburgh area on Broadcastify. There are descriptions of the feeds as well as details like genre, status and number of listeners currently tuned in. You can listen through the web-based player, or using other media players like Windows Media Player and iTunes.

Radio Reference

Another website that you can go to if you want to hear what’s going on in Pittsburgh is Radio Reference. Considered as the largest radio communications data provider in the world, Radio Reference has a complete frequency database.

Like Broadcastify, it is fairly easy to use Radio Reference. Users just have to type “Pittsburgh” in the search field, and the page will display a list of live audio feeds from the area. Your computer or mobile device, however, needs to have an online player in order to play the audio from the feeds.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner

Users who prefer to use their mobile devices like tablets and smart phones may download the app called 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite. According to the developer of the app, it has the largest collection of radios from police, air craft, fire departments, marine, and emergency.  To find police scanner Pittsburgh, simply enter the city on the search bar and the app will show a list of live feeds from the area.

The app also comes with a police code guide that helps you decipher the codes being used by them. However, the free version usually comes with an audio advertisement every 30 seconds or so. If you don’t want to hear ads, download the premium version for a minimal fee of $2.