Best Police Scanner Apps Online Free

Using a police scanner is not just entertaining and informative—sometimes it even beats reality TV. For many journalists, however, using the best police scanner is a great way to monitor a story that’s unfolding. Quite a few careers have been elevated with the timely use of a police scanner.

But that just begs the question of which apps act as the best radio scanner. While this may often be a matter of preference there are several sites which can help you make that determination. You don’t have to make your choice solely on how well the advertisement for the app is worded.

Essentially, you will be able to find the best police scanner app for Android devices on Google Play. It’s also not surprising that you can find the best police scanner app for iPhone and the best scanner app for iPad when you head on to iTunes. But before you do, you may want to take a detour first to reliable independent review websites.

Here are some websites you should check out:

  • Online tech publications. These websites offer an unbiased look at the software and hardware options they feature. In general, their reviews are often quite incisive and knowledgeable. There’s also very little risk that the review was written by a paid writer for the developer of the app.

The reviews can be very comprehensive. It can give you a list of pros and cons, and help you determine just how easy an app is to use. It can also evaluate the cost effectiveness of the app, and compare its features to other apps in its category.

You can also browse the reader’s comments on the review for additional info, as they can be very informative as well. Often, it will also feature a direct link to the website from which you can download the police scanner app.

  • Special forums. Ever since the days of ham radios, people who like to listen to police scanners have often banded together to share information among the members of their own little community. These people can be very upfront about the apps they use, and they can share tiny details which may not be contained in official reviews.

Forums often feature a lot of spirited discussion. But in general, many members offer free information for newbies, and they can help you determine the right app for your particular circumstances. They can also tell you straight whether paying for an upgrade is worth the expense.

  • Download pages. While the product descriptions at both Google Play and iTunes can be informative, you may want to pay special attention to what customers say in the review section.

Downloading the best free police scanner app for Android or iPhone can have terrific consequences for a journalistic career. Just make sure that what you do download is actually the best one for you.